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RWRKD's talent management prioritize diversity and representation, social change, and inclusiveness as part of our core values. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and unbiased haven for the talent we represent, where they can be their authentic selves and embrace their uniqueness. 


Get Represented

As an non-exclusive and exclusive based agency. we represent contemporary and exciting actors who stay true to themselves and their art. ​We take pride in representing actors from all social, religious and ethical backgrounds. Our team is committed to building a roster of talent that reflects our values and embraces the potential for social change through the channels of commercial, film/tv, music videos, editorial and lifestyle production spaces.


We encourage our talent to stay true to themselves and showcase their unique individuality, talent and skills. Our agency welcomes and supports talent from trained, untrained and all training backgrounds. We understand the importance of providing equal opportunities for all types of talent and we strive to create an inclusive environment that encourages all individuals to thrive.

If you are interested in seeking representation under our agency, we invite you to join our talent family and experience the benefits of being part of a team that values and celebrates diversity and inclusiveness.

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